Jazzy «Alpha Female» Gabert is the next Roadblock in Gabi Garcia’s path

Worldwide famous Pro-wrestler Jazzy «Alpha Female» Gabert will be the next rival of the brazilian bulldozer Gabi García.

Gabi took over her match against ultra-veteran Japanese fighter Yumiko Hotta, in a bout to absolutely forget during the last weekend double-event in RIZIN FF.

Minutes after Gabi García’s easy victory, Gabert stormed into the ring and cut a promo demanding a match against the Brazilian anytime soon in the ring, as she was demanding Gabi to face someone at her same level and size.

Jazzy «Alpha Female» Gabert is worldwide known as a Pro-wrestler, with multiple awards and championships earned during her carrer, being specially recognised and respected by the Japanese audience, where she was crowned with the «World of Stardom Championship» belt in STARDOM, being the first foreigner in achieve that recognition. However, Gabert also has an MMA professional record of 1-0, debuting last October of 2016 against the also german Manuela Kruse.
After the intense face-off, both fighters started a brawl in the center of the ring, only broken by several fighters, including Cris Cyborg, who stopped the brawl for good.

So the story goes on, and, after the post-celebration brawl is expected that  RIZIN will shortly announce a date for the bout between both fighters during the next months of 2017, a highly anticipated match between two colossal girls who will settle the score under MMA rules in a match where size does matter…

After Gabi Garcia’s win, her MMA profesional record is 4-0.



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