Interview with Jay Cucciniello

Mention Jay Cucciniello (6-0) means intensity, quality and specially showtime, all the spaniard fans know way too well this english MMA fighter who resides in Malaga, during AFL10 they witnessed one of the best matches of the year, not only in AFL history but worldwide, which means for most of the fans, probably the top first round of all MMA organizations in 2016.

Sam Danko sit for some minutes with him, and here are some of the most important answers from Jay:

Hi Jay, where we find you right now?

I am in Malaga right now, which I call a home now.

All Spaniard MMA fans remember your match against “Kiko” Marinho as one of the most epic they witness, what do you remember from that battle?

My only memories are how hard Kiko’s head is, hahahaha

After that match that meant a true gift for all MMA fans, you owned the right to fight for the featherweight title with non-other than Daniel Requeijo in AFL11, how are you preparing this title fight?

I’m always prepared, I love this sport so much so nothing changes for me. I look for challenges in this sport, and a challenge is what I have next…

Which differences you find between the game plan for Kiko and Requeijo? Is there any aspect you need to take special care for your next fight?

No change, I do what I want to do, I do not worry about my opponents, I am dangerous in all areas because I believe I can win wherever it ends up.

You are training for long time in the Team Barnatt gym in Malaga, why did you decide to join this team and stablish yourself in the Andalusian city?

I’ve lived in Malaga for 5 years, me and Luke Barnatt have been Friends for around 8 years, back in UK we trained together, so when Luke moved out here, we joined up forces and, we are looking to help bring MMA in Spain to the very top.

Do you expect nothing but a win against Requeijo at AFL11?

I see me hold that AFL belt, the will is absolutely mine, but I am under no illusions that this will be an easy fight, it won’t…

Which are your wishes for 2017?

I wish for the AFL gold and to be fighting the best featherweight fighters in the World, but coming first, I keep my best wishes for my family and my health.

Thank you very much for your time and all the best!!!

Thank you and all the AFL family!!!


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