Interview to Daniel «El Gallego» Requeijo

Daniel «El Gallego» Requeijo (10-3) defends his AFL championship belt officially on May 18th , at the Insular Center for Sports in Las Palmas (Spain).

Currently the best ranked Spanish featherweight in our country, his last two years have withness the biggest jump in his MMA career, accumulating a 7-1 record, with 5 consecutive victories and being defeated in the Cage Warriors event against Nad Narimani in the third round , then, «El Gallego» recovered quickly becoming the champion of the «Road to Pancrase» tournament holding two victories at the same night, both by submission in the first rounds.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu’s black belt from the Taz Jinamar team, Requeijo has positioned himself as a fighter to take into account by the biggest MMA promotions for 2017.

Here you have the interview we did to him about his upcoming fight in AFL.


First of all, it is a pleasure to start with our new website by making you an interview, the current AFL featherweight champion of our company.


Requeijo: The pleasure is mine, I am very happy to be part of this magnificent event and give the best of me every time I have the opportunity.

How you describe and how you felt in your two previous matches, against Pirrello, when you won the featherweight title, and against Jesus Montero in your first defense.

Requeijo:  I felt very very happy to be honest, this has given me a great motivation, and made me realise how important team I have with me, both Julio Santana, Juanma Suarez and Ney Montesdeoca are the best coaches I can have, and I also have a team of colleagues who give us their best for make us better, so my motivation is greater every day.

What do you think of your next opponent in AFL-11, Jay Cucciniello, which by the way is unbeaten with a 6-0 victory streak.

Requeijo: I think he is a strong opponent and he has a pretty good record, but I will not give anyone a try to take away my belt.  To remove the title from me, not only have to be a good fighter, this guy needs to sweat blood, I think he has not fought with anyone like me and that factor is going to break his winning streak, I totally trust in the preparation that my whole team is doing with me.

How are you preparing the fight against Jay?

Requeijo: As I said before, we prepare completely in all game aspects, I have several coaches and each one prepares me in their specialty, both in ground and standing fight, we train several hours a day and we are getting stronger than ever .

AFL11 will be broadcasted by PPV to everyone in the world, would you like to say a few words to the MMA fans ??

Requeijo: To all the fans I want to tell you that this event is going to be pure spectacle, I assure you a showtime fight, worthy of the most demanding fans, I think AFL-11 CANARIAS will leave a mark, there will be a before and an after for Spanish fans, on March 18th, Spanish fans will see the level of Spanish MMA, and I invite everyone to witness the evening in person or on PPV.

Thank you so much for your time and for that interview, good luck.



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