Returns to action Bentejui «Bente» Santana

Today we announce another return to the octagon, the canary fighter Bentejui Santana (4-1) is back into business, as he will face next March 18 in AFL 11 the Brazilian fighter based in Tenerife, Temistocles Junior (4 -1 )

Both are black belt of brazilian jiu-jitsu and hold same professional record in MMA, it guarantees that is going to be one of the most disputed duels of the night.

Today we shared some minutes with Bentejui «Bente» Santana and we were able to make a short interview:

You return to compete in MMA after a serious knee injury and a time away from the octagon, what is the reason that takes you back?

BS: I think I’m in a good moment right now and I wanted to fight again, and I think theres no better place than AFL CANARIAS with the fightcard that is being set up.

How are you preparing for this fight?

BS: I am preparing it with my lifetime team, Taz Jinamar, as I am always training, for facing this combat as I only need to increase the intensity of training, but having the classmates I have, whom 2 of them dispute AFL titles of the organization, it cannot be that difficult.

What will we see of «Bente» in the next AFL?

BS: I really want to fight again and everybody will witness that on the day of the fight, I’m sorry for my opponent, but the victory will be mine.

Thank you very much for taking care of us.

BS: Pleasure is mine, see you in AFL


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