Rothwell: If ronda quits she never was a champ, and Travis is a man-whore…

UFC heavyweight Ben Rothwell appeared recently on Sirius XM’s Fight Club, and discussed fellow heavy Travis Browne and his girlfriend former bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

“I have no problems talking s*** on him because he brings s*** on himself,” said Rothwell, as transcribed by Mike Bohn for MMAjunkie. “He’s one of the guys – I try to be nice to him and cool, and the more I learn about him, the more of his history, he’s one of those guys that’s just a man-whore. He’s a phony, and a lot of s*** pisses me off with him. Why did you suddenly leave a great camp that made him good and move to a s*** gym that’s got a lot of guys losing? For me, I think it was a financial thing. He went there and found a sugar mama in his girlfriend. He’s just looking to get himself taken care of.

“He’s got some brains in, like, ‘Why should I fight? I’ll just get her to pay for everything.’ It’s a good financial move on his part, but it hasn’t done his personal career any good and a lot of people think the guy has regressed and he’s not getting any better.”

Rothwell also had pointed words for Rousey, and the media blackout she imposed over the last 13 months.

“It’s taken only 17 years to figure this out, because we need the media and if the fighters ever forget that the media is the reason we are here,”  said Rothwell. “I fought in the dark ages. The media’s the only reason the sport survived. This sport was going to get banned at one time and I was there for all that s***. I didn’t fight for fame and money. I fought because I love to fight and the media is the reason this thing blew up and got where it’s at. We do all need to work together. We’re a team in this thing. We all do need to work together, and I think a lot of it was she was really embarrassed at all the s*** she said.”

 “What’s she going to do now? What matters is six months from now if she walks away from the sport and never fights again, she never has to have her name brought up again. If she can’t come back from everything she’s been through and being put on such a high pedestal and making waves, then she loses two fights and she doesn’t come back from that? Well, then she’s a loser and she never was a champion.

“Like him or hate him, but Conor McGregor man, what an example. The guy loses, does the media, comes back, wins a fight and then wins a title fight. Dominick Cruz, like him or hate him, he faced the media and treated it like a champion. They set the bar for the rest of us. That’s how we need to act, that’s how you handle a loss and she needs to learn from the rest of us now.”

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