Daniel Requeijo: He is going to have to kill me to win! – AFL 19

At  AFL 19: Night of Champions  Daniel Requeijo (14-7) will meet France’s Nicolas Joannes (17-14) in the main event with the vacant featherweight title.

It’s the largest AFL fight card to date, taking place in Gran Canaria, Spain and will be available to watch around the world on  FITE.tv  on March 30 with tickets available from  MASTEQUILLA.com .

We sat down with Requeijo about wanting to recapture the AFL title, fighting in Gran Canaria and his thoughts on the fight with Joannes.

AFL: How does it feel to be back in AFL and be the main event of AFL 19?
Daniel Requeijo: Competing in AFL always gives me great pleasure and a pride. Being in the main event provides me with a lot of strength and motivation to fight and give everything I have. I can not wait!

AFL: You fought at the last AFL event in Gran Canaria, what was the crowd like at that time?
DR: The Canarian public is the best without doubt. They are involved in the fight and give great support to the event and this just makes the whole environment and atmosphere of the event really spectacular.

AFL: What do you think of the opponent Nicolas Joannes?
DR: Nicolas is a great opponent. He is quite strong and for sure is coming for the victory. So I will need to stay focused, not get lost in this fight, and give everything. Do not leave any meat on the grill, hehehe.

AFL: What is the road to victory for you in this fight? How do you see yourself winning?
DR: I think it will be a very nice and smart fight for me. I am very well prepared and aware of what is in front of me. But I am also here to finish the fight and I will go for the KO. That belt has been mine in the past and I want it to come back to me.

AFL: What will it mean to lift the title at AFL 19?
DR: That title has been around my waist before and has played a big part of my career before. AFL is also the best event in Spain, so it will give me great pride to be able to raise it again !!

AFL: Finally, do you have a message for Nicolas?
DR: Only that if he wants to win that title here in my land he’s going to have to kill me, hehehe, because I’m not going to let anyone try to take it away from me!

AFL 19: Night of Champions will be available to watch around the world on  FITE.tv  and tickets can be bought from  MASTEQUILLA.com .

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