AFL 19: Night of Champions – Results

AFL 19: Night of Champions took place March 30 from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria and was one of the largest MMA events ever in Spain with almost 2,000 people in attendance to watch four titles and 12-fight pro card featuring some of Spain and Europe’s top talent
Here are the results:
Main Event
Vacant Featherweight Title
Daniel Requeijo (15-7) def. Nicolas Joannes (17-15) via submission (rear naked choke), round 3, 2:41.

Co-Main Event
Light Heavyweight Title
Darwin Rodriguez (8-4) def. Amilcar Alves (18-17) via TKO (punches), round 2, 2:45.

Flyweight Title
Kevin Cordero (8-2) def. Raymison Bruno (11-2) via TKO (punches), round 4, 3:18.

Vacant Super Lightweight Title
Lionel Padilla (6-1) def. Dragan Pesic (17-17) via TKO (retirement), round 1, 1:45.

WW: Acoidan Duque (11-2) def. Konrad Iwanowski (7-4) via unanimous decision.
FW: Jose Sanchez (7-0) def. Alberth Dias (4-2) via unanimous decision.
LW: Sebas Santana (5-1-1) and Eris Dano (3-0-1) fight to draw (majority draw).
Super LW: Jamie Lester (3-0-1) def. Tanausu Ruiz (3-3) via split decision.
Women’s 50kg: Elizabeth Vanessa (3-2) def. Rita Marrero (1-2-2) via unanimous decision.
LW: Iban Hernandez (4-4) def. Simone Bartoli (1-6) via sub (armbar), round 1, 2:47.
BW: Borja Gonzalez (1-1) def. Antonio Delgado (2-4) via sub (armbar), round 1, 1:24.
BW: Jose Carlos Santana (0-1) def. Jose Rivero (1-0) via sub (RNC), round 1, 2:10.

AFL’s next event will be AFL 20 on May 18 from San Sebastian, Spain. Tickets are available here from .

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